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Wall of Love

Wall of Love

Wall of Love

What our customers say about DoesQA

Andy Burton

Andy Burton

Transformation Manager

DoesQA has positioned itself as an indispensable partner for END. Clothing, reviving confidence in QA, saving considerable time and costs, and ushering in a new era of efficiency.

We would never go back!

Fashion eCommerce companies grappling with similar challenges must explore DoesQA's revolutionary approach to QA.

John Rudden

John Rudden

Automation Tester

DoesQA is a great tool.

Having used it since beta I have found the tool to be intuitive, easy and fun to use and it takes most of the drudgery out of developing and executing automated test cases.

Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor

Senior Engineer

Easy to use intuitive design, this product speeds up the writing of automated tests and easily allows our product team to get involved saving engineering time.


Founder & CEO

DoesQA support is incredible!

I'm not sure they would want everyone to know this but we've reached out just because we're not sure how best to test something, and they have always spent the time talking us through the options and even jumped in to get us started!!!!

I recommend DoesQA to everyone!

Ahmad Faris

Quality Engineer

This is still the best app for testing so far. It looks so easy and has no challenge without code. But why not? It's 2024, lol. I'm still amazed and i keep using this one.

It's really helpful. 10 out of 10

Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose

Senior Automation Engineer

I work for a major UK fashion brand/retailer who has previously tested our site with both webdriverIO and Cypress, but nothing comes close to the ease of use of DoesQA.

I was somewhat sceptical at first but after getting stuck in and trying it out the power of branching flows is amazing, we went from about 7% coverage on our old test framework to roughly 40% coverage in just 2 sprints!

Masha Plotkina

Masha Plotkina

Co-founder & CEO

Great to see a tool that can automate the QA process and reduce manual testing time.

Andrei Racasan

Andrei Racasan

Software Engineer

Very powerful no-code solution that empowers individuals and teams to easily automate their testing processes.

DoesQA is an excellent tool for anyone looking to streamline their testing processes and improve the quality of their software. Its user-friendly interface and powerful testing capabilities make it an ideal solution for teams of any size and technical background.


Senior Quality Engineer

After trying other codeless options in the past, I needed quite a bit of encouragement to give it a go.

It's amazing! It is probably the only tool that delivers on its promises. I wouldn't recommend any other codeless test tool.

Adrian Lesniewski

Adrian Leśniewski

Automation QA

I am astonished at how quick and simple it is to build new tests.

The UI is super intuitive and I was able to run the first tests within 10 minutes of the first login. There is a very vast variety of nodes to choose from.

This allows you to create functional, Accessibility, SEO and Visual Regression tests in one flow.

With DoesQA, complex automated testing is no longer difficult to write and read.

Omar Ouhra

Omar Ouhra

Frontend Engineer

As Frontend engineer, I must say, I was genuinely amazed. The app's functionality, user experience, and attention to detail were outstanding.

It reminded me of the importance of creating enjoyable experiences for users.


Automation Test Engineer

DoesQA is the future for Software Automation Testing industry.



Love it!

We have better coverage than we've ever had before. The results are clear and always accurate, AND we're saving a small fortune.



I have used the Flows and I am loving it!