Just some of the amazing DoesQA updates.


Automation Friendly Email Inbox

Automation Friendly Email Inbox


May 3, 2024

Every test case has access to its own fully testable Email Inbox!

Use the provided email address to register users to interact with confirmation emails or passwordless login.


Generate MFA Tokens

Generate MFA Tokens


Apr 19, 2024

Breeze through MFA-protected logins within your Automation Tests.

Nothing can stop DoesQA!


Task Failed Successfully

Task Failed Successfully


Apr 9, 2024

In this version, we put you in control of your step's failure status!

Certain Nodes now let you select the returned status if it Fails. Should it produce a Fail (the default), a Warning, or a Pass?

Warning Example:

Maybe you have embedded Accessibility checks inside a functional flow, and you only want the test to fail if the functional steps fail.

Pass Example:

One DoesQA customer has a system that remembers (server-side) the last page viewed by the only available test account. Therefore, steps have been added to the Login Node Group to navigate to the home dashboard before the actual test starts.

With great power comes great responsibility!


First Express Node: Adyen Card

First Express Node: Adyen Card


Feb 9, 2024

Ever had to test an Adyen checkout?
It's 50% automation testing, 50% Hokey Pokey.

You hop in an iframe,
You put your input in,
You hop back out,
And do that for each input… and shake it all about (shake is optional).

You could always do this quickly in DoesQA; you could even create your own Node Group to make it quicker.

But now we have our first Express Node, making this only take a couple of seconds!

This is just the start. We have more Express Nodes coming!





Jan 13, 2024

Now, we're not a superstitious bunch, but we'll still avoid walking under ladders, recreationally smashing mirrors, and releasing major updates in the 13th version.

In 2023, we had a 99.999% uptime, and we'd like this streak to continue in 2024!


Printable Reports

Printable Reports


Dec 21, 2023

Navigate to a single Run or to a single Test Case, and you'll now see a little print icon.

Of course, it'll always be best to share a link, but we all know the people asking for a PDF report wouldn't actually click it.

These pages are just the start; over the coming releases, other pages will be beautified in the same way, so you can share a PDF report of your webhook integrations - if you really want!


SFTP Nodes

SFTP Nodes


Dec 14, 2023

If your test cases require interacting with SFTP Servers, by-jove we have the features for you!

If, however, you don't care about SFTP, then sorry, better luck in the next release.

5 new Nodes have been added for SFTP interaction and testing:

  • List files in SFTP directory

  • Upload generated file to SFTP directory

  • Check the file count in SFTP directory

  • Check if a specific file exists in SFTP directory

  • Check if a specific file doesn't exist in SFTP directory

For us, we look forward to not having to type SFTP again for a while.





Dec 1, 2023

DoesQA Run History

DoesQA has a new view!

Run History is specifically designed to give you a better understanding of your overall pack health.

See which Flow ruined an otherwise perfect run, gaze at how impossibly fast your runs are, and marvel at the time you've saved with parallel running.

We have more coming to this view, but we simply had to give everyone access to it now!

Login, and enjoy πŸ’œ


Trigger Flows With Multiple Sets of Values

Trigger Flows With Multiple Sets of Values


Nov 22, 2023

Say you have many sites or pages, and you've created a Flow you want to run for each one.

There have been several ways to do this in DoesQA; multiple Open Nodes, firing multiple webhooks, using the Go To Nodes, etc. The problem is they all felt like workarounds.

Well, we've taken the way you currently trigger webhooks in DoesQA…

  "url": "",
  "user": "Sappo"

…and invented a way to send multiple objects in a single API POST!
We call it an Array! πŸŽ‰

    "url": "",
    "user": "Sappo"
    "url": "",
    "user": "Sam"

This isn't just more efficient; it also results in cleaner results, as every test produced is contained in a single run.


Change Detection Counted As Check

Change Detection Counted As Check


Nov 21, 2023

Having a visual regression Flow is very popular. All too often these would ruin a beautiful dashboard with one Flow shouting "NO CHECKS" at you. Not anymore!

From now on Change Detection Nodes (Visual Regression) will count towards a positive check ratio.

Is this the biggest update ever? Not really, but we agree this was pretty annoying.


Scroll to Top, Bottom, Left & Right

Scroll to Top, Bottom, Left & Right


Nov 17, 2023

We've had the option to scroll to Elements for ages, so scrolling anywhere was always possible.

But having to select an Element just to scroll to the Top of the page felt a bit unnecessary. Then we saw a test that needed updating because the marketing team wanted to run a sales banner, and we thought "We must end this!".

Please welcome the new scroll sub-variant "Scroll Page" 😱

We could have stopped with "Scroll to Top". We should have stopped after "Scroll to Bottom". No, we always go the extra and so you can enjoy scrolling the page all the way LEFT and RIGHT also!


Node Groups Have Landed

Node Groups Have Landed


Oct 2, 2023

Wow, we had so many requests for this one and couldn't be happier to deliver it!

After so many requested this, we took our roadmap, ripped it up, and on a clean sheet of paper wrote just two words: "NODE GROUPS".

Node Groups, you can build a Flow and then componentize it. Have 10 steps to register a user, now it's 1. 15 steps to navigate to a product and add it to your shopping bag, now it's 1. How about a 50-step process to add something to your CMS, push it live, and check it on production, now it's 3… erm or 1 if you like, that just seemed like a lot!


P.S. Thank you to everyone who asked for this. You really are helping make DoesQA what it is πŸ’œ


Keyboard Shortcuts & Context Menu

Keyboard Shortcuts & Context Menu


Sep 29, 2023

We've taken inspiration from the great Lighting McQueen's mantra "Speed. I am speed".

Today, we have launched a lovely quality-of-life set of features to improve your experience and increase the speed of creating Flows.

You can now right-click on a Node or multiple selected Nodes to duplicate them. You can also align them to keep everything beautifully tidy. Oh, and grouping nodes is coming very soon 🀫

Right-clicking is cool and all, but it's just too much work.

So leave the mouse alone and hit one of new keyboard shortcuts:

  • Duplicate Node(s): Ctrl+D / ⌘+D

  • Group Node(s): Ctrl+G / ⌘+G

  • Save Flow: Ctrl+S / ⌘+S