Imagine you’re an exterminator…

Exterminator in a room full of bugs
Exterminator in a room full of bugs

Imagine you’re an exterminator…

Apr 21, 2023

You’re hired to reduce cockroaches.
But your only method introduces more.

It’s not very logical.
And yet, this is the current norm of software development.

Your project is made up of code; to test that code is more code. Unit test code, integration test code and automated test code.

It’s all code, and it’s all vulnerable to the same issues. Human error, exacerbated by deadlines in fast-moving teams.

It’s time for Codeless,
It’s time for Confidence

The “cockroaches” are in the code.

When a tester drags in one of our nodes, there’s nowhere to introduce “cockroaches“. When you run your tests, they run as expected every time.

Goodbye, flaky tests!

When a test fails, is it a flaky product?
Or a flaky test?

Precious time is wasted every day by Developers and Automation Testers going back and forth asking these very questions. No more!

Goodbye, test tech debt!

Your Automation Testers have their own tech debt.

They shouldn’t need to split their time between security updates, developing additional tooling like Lighthouse audits and creating tests. You handle the tests, we’ll handle everything else!

You’re wasting time!

The largest single expense of automation testing is time.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop UI makes creating tests a breeze. There’s nothing to maintain. If your product changes, updating your tests to match only takes moments.

When your tests make a “discovery“, we give you steps to reproduce, screenshots and a video so creating tickets is faster than ever.

Plus, with DoesQA a test pack taking 1 hour to run might only take 4 minutes…

You’re wasting money!

The second largest automation expense is runners.

DoesQA can help you achieve up to a staggering 80% cost reduction. Our industry-leading architecture means our runners don’t exist when idle. This is a cost-saving we pass on to every client!

When your tests start, we instantly spawn runners for each test, providing full concurrency as standard.

complex automated testing is no longer difficult

If your coverage isn’t where you want it, your automation team can’t keep pace with development, or you're paying for expensive contractors, you’re in the right place!

DoesQA was founded and built by two experienced SDETs in the industry.

At each place, we would build a framework to unlock the full potential of automation for our clients. It’s expensive and time-consuming.

There had to be a better way.

To increase test reliability and confidence, both the test creation and the test running have to be provided by a single source. You’ll always have “flaky tests“ and finger-pointing when these are separate. If you create a test in DoesQA which doesn’t run as expected, that’s OUR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS!

So we set out to make an industry-leading runner and test creator. There are a few flavours of test creators on the market:

  • Script; too flaky, too slow

  • Record and playback; too limited, too hard to maintain

  • AI; too detached, too limited

What we created is very similar to scripting. Users who know how to code have no problem making the switch. Instead of injecting a few lines of code, you drag in a node. This also has the major benefit of opening automation to everyone in your QA team and outside.

Everyone Does QA

With our test creator, your tests are predictable, reliable and easy to maintain. But we didn’t stop there. We have introduced some industry firsts. Branching tests, instead of duplicating a test and doubling the code which needs maintenance, you can simply branch a new test from any existing flow. Lighthouse audits within your flows ensure your site is performant and accessible at every step, automatically and with every deployment.

We have so much more we would love to tell you about,
But how about you see for yourself?

Now give these buttons a good test 😜

Want Better Automation Tests?

Want Better Automation Tests?

High-quality test coverage with reliable test automation.