How-To: Block Unwanted Domains

A dead end road on a cliff
A dead end road on a cliff

How-To: Block Unwanted Domains

Sep 25, 2023

The Problem

When running automated tests it’s important that that environment is controlled, with no rouge GTM scripts injecting popups, or other domains interfering with the DOM.

This provides a challenge when running automated tests if the popup criterion is not consistent (for example, a 50/50 split on popup showing). So the question is: How do I block popups in Automated Tests?

The Solution

To find that pesky popup source can be difficult. We recommend you look for any 3rd party calls (outbound calls that are not from your domain) on page load. This can help you hone in on the domain that is causing the popup. Below is a list of 10 examples.

  1. Popup Maker Domain:

  2. Elementor Domain:

  3. OptinMonster Domain:

  4. SumoMe (Sumo) Domain:

  5. Ninja Popups Domain:

  6. Bloom by Elegant Themes Domain:

  7. TrustPulse Domain:

  8. WP Popups Domain:

  9. Thrive Leads Domain:

  10. ConvertPlus Domain:

With DoesQA, you are able to block domains from your account settings. As an example, we are blocking in the below image.

Now all tests that run on our platform automatically block this hostname. This way there will be no interference with the test that is running.

Now give these buttons a good test 😜

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Want Better Automation Tests?

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